I Inhabit My Life - By Marc Chagall

In my paintings
I hid my love
I inhabit my life
Like the tree the forest

Who hears my voice
Who notices my face
Buried in the light of the moon
Like a dead being of a thousand years ago

My mother gave me a gift
It shines in my body
I don't open my mouth
So that my heart doesn't escape

And not to lament
Like a bird in the night

In my paintings
I painted my love
The angels see it
As well as the brides who did not go
To the wedding canopy

The perfume of a flower
Lights the candles
In blue rises
The day of my birth

I hide my dreams
On the clouds
My sighs fly with the birds

I see myself immobile and walking
I disintegrate
In front of the fire which comes from the world
My love is like water dispersed
In the four corners


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