Just think of meeting u after school can make me through the trifling 
Just think of stealing time to make a phone call will put a smile on my face without acknowledgement 
I’m used to be useless, to be in the center without effort, to stick on and enjoying my own pace since u spoil me so 
I’m drown and drunk in ur sweet indulgence 
It makes me go wild, fearless and somehow arrogant

However, this kind of life style doesn’t work here 
When by myself with sucking affairs is four times longer than be with u with infinite passion 
I need to be optimistic and always energetic 
The good thing is— I fit in quite well J 
But still 
I hope time can past as fast as possible 
Monday hopes for weekend coming 
Generally calls the third week the end of the month  
(…still four months left~加油!)

Preparing the exam will be much awaiting comparing to the present 
The worst time in my life has been delay since I quit my graduate school 
Now I will enjoy the challenges with adagio 
Gradually, I can face the days with ease 

This is all because of u, my darling 
Can a heart be split apart?
This moment will remind me no






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